Download our latest whitepaper for the energy insurance industry

Transformers present a key challenge for risk managers and insurers. Our whitepaper explores the effects of increased demands on the power transmission and distribution network. It looks at how the energy insurance industry can manage the risks presented by transformers through a strategic asset management plan, and how the use of ester-based dielectric fluid can help to minimise impact on the market.


Download our future cities whitepaper

As urban populations across the world continue to soar, the demand for power is now overtaking distribution capacity, putting increased pressure on existing transmission and distribution infrastructure. To help improve safety and efficiency of future networks, our whitepaper examines the risks posed by the growing demand for electricity, and how ester-based transformer fluids can help to safeguard assets in urban environments.


Download our risk mitigation whitepaper

With ageing fleets across the globe and growing energy demands, utility providers are under increasing pressure to implement new technologies that can enhance transformer safety and operating performance. To help support the industry in minimising unplanned outages, our whitepaper examines the risks associated with power and distribution transformers, and looks at how these can be mitigated.

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