Maximising transformer performance

MIDEL is creating opportunities to optimise transformer designs across the globe. Our natural and synthetic ester fluids enable manufacturers to engineer safer, more flexible transformers for electrical transmission and distribution needs today and in the future.

MIDEL helps you meet the needs of end users and DNOs in ever more demanding applications. With the ability to run applications at 20% overload, our fluids enable transformers to work harder, for much longer. MIDEL provides unrivalled risk mitigation through its high fire point of >300 °C and, compared to mineral oil, has superior moisture tolerance. In addition, our esters are readily biodegradable and, if leaked or spilled, cause no threat to the environment.

With over 40 years’ experience, our dedicated team of engineering and technical experts has extensive industry experience, providing support every step of the way.

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With ageing fleets across the globe and growing energy demands, utility providers are under increasing pressure to implement new technologies that can enhance transformer safety and operating performance. To help support the industry in minimising unplanned outages, our whitepaper examines the risks associated with power and distribution transformers, and looks at how these can be mitigated.

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Shaping the future of transformer design

When it comes to protecting transformer equipment, there can be no compromises. MIDEL is the first and only choice for unrivalled risk mitigation.  Versatile and reliable, our fluids can safely increase transformer operating temperature in a more compact unit, minimising the substation footprint. MIDEL’s fire safety properties can decrease the required distance between the transformer and the surrounding buildings and also reduce or eliminate the need for additional fire suppression systems.

Our natural and synthetic esters optimise performance and extend asset lifetime. Offering a safer alternative to mineral oil, MIDEL fluids can also be installed into applications in the most extreme locations, from desert installations, to subsea and cold environments. By increasing asset performance, reducing risk and delivering cost savings every day across the world, MIDEL is shaping the future of transformer design.

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