Protecting Against Risk

MIDEL ester transformer fluids offer superior protection against fire and environmental contamination, removing the risks associated with mineral oil transformer failure and reducing the likelihood of high-cost claims.

Our natural and synthetic organic ester fluids have a much higher flash point than mineral oil and a 100 percent fire safety record. Furthermore, they are are readily biodegradable and non-water hazardous, and will not damage the environment in the event of a spill or leak. The result is superior risk mitigation for critical power infrastructure.

With more than 40 years’ experience, MIDEL is the leader in transformer fire risk mitigation, with proven results and expertise to protect assets and reduce liability for insurers, power utility providers and DNOs against costly damage.

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With ageing fleets across the globe and growing energy demands, utility providers are under increasing pressure to implement new technologies that can enhance transformer safety and operating performance. To help support the industry in minimising unplanned outages, our whitepaper examines the risks associated with power and distribution transformers, and looks at how these can be mitigated.

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Reducing Risk and Liability

For decades, insurers have ranked transformers in the top five high-risk pieces of equipment in terms of claims; between 2008 and 2013 alone, transformer damage cost FM Global clients a combined $339 million in lost revenue. At MIDEL, we understand the impact that damaged equipment can have and pride ourselves on helping mitigate risk in critical power infrastructure.

That’s why our ester fluids can be used to retrofill existing mineral oil transformers as well as for new installations, to safeguard against loss potential. MIDEL fluids are reducing risks and liability across the globe. Let’s work together to protect what matters.

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